About Us

Our burning question: How do you design a gas grill that won’t burn the meat?

The concept was a gas grill based on a 55 year old charcoal cooker called a Cue-Cart, an ingenious design with a height adjustable fire bed. We immediately recognized the benefits it afforded the cook, unparalleled heat adjustment and it prevented flare-ups from reaching the food and burning it.

The revelation: the firewheel

After searching everywhere for the latest and greatest grill innovations, we realized that the gas grill hadn’t changed much in 50 years. Sure there were new materials and a few interesting twists and turns but nothing really moved the needle in the world of gas grilling. Until we figured out a way to move the burners (not the grates).

Our company: Ferno Grills

After four years of exhaustive engineering and hard-core grilling, the first Ferno Grill was introduced in 2018. Our team of passionate cooks and engineers obsessed over every last detail—from the grates to the casters, the tank to the grease tray. The result: cooks can finally master the flame.

Let’s eat.