Customer Reviews

How much do I love Ferno Grills? I own 2 of them. The reason is simple, it is the best grill I have ever used, and I've used a lot of them... Weber charcoal, Weber Genesis, Dynasty, the Green Egg, Lynx...

- J. Harleen

I’ve used the Ferno grill now for 3 months, and it’s changed the way I cook! Before using the Ferno grill, I used my Weber grill as a traditional bbq (burgers, tri-tip, and chicken) and my Wolf range for the rest. Now I use the Ferno grill for most of my cooking.

- J. Lang

I had the opportunity to test drive a Ferno grill and was blown away by its performance! I was cooking a 16 pound turkey for the 5th Annual Meatfest Barbequing contest and knew that I needed to bring my A game, so I was psyched to have access to the Ferno. The key factors when Barbequing a whole Turkey are maintaining a constant temperature, even heating, and getting the smoke right. Check, check, and check.

- A. Tracewell

Been using this grill for a few months now and I can say, without qualification, that it’s one of the best purchases I have made in years. It’s improved our dinners, I use it several times a week, and certainly improved my enjoyment of grilling. I have used a Weber for 30 years and that was hard to pry out of my hands but the Ferno is simply in a class of its own.

- J. MacFarlane

The last grill I’ll ever own…what a cliche, right? With this grill it’s totally true. It is built to last and it cooks better than any grill I’ve owned. It has beautiful lines, a design I would call industrial chic. It’s not just another over-polished chunk of stainless steel, the Ferno is uniquely elegant and makes a statement on my deck. Looks aren’t everything, it's what’s inside that counts…It is a joy to grill on my Ferno, its versatility is unequaled.

- J. St. John

Best grilling experience ever!! It is so easy to control the heat...a combo grill-oven. Looks cool too.

- J. Grenier