Master the flame.

Master the flame.

Get ready to adjust your expectations. Only Ferno Grills have a proprietary firewheel technology that lets you adjust the height of your burners—and the flame—so you can fast cook without burning and slow cook to perfection.

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Master the meal.

Master the meal.

Ever suffer from grill anxiety? That overwhelming fear of burning the burgers, over charring the steak, or spending more time at the grill than with friends? Ferno Grills changes all that so you can cook with confidence. Burn-free. Stress-free.

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Master the grill.

Master the grill.

That’s exactly what we set out to do. To reinvent an essential cooking tool that’s been pretty much the same for the last 50 years. We engineered adjustable burner heights, insisted on cast iron grates, and obsessed over every last detail to truly revolutionize the gas grill and make cooking a joy.

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  • Never burn your food again.

    Ferno’s patented firewheel gives you the control you crave. Turn right to raise the burners so the flame is close to the grates—perfect for heating up the grill and quick searing. Turn left to lower the flame away from the grates—ideal for slow cooking because it evenly bathes the meat in heat and adds extra flavor when drippings hit the active burner radiants.

  • Greatness guaranteed.

    We chose cast iron grates over stainless steel because they give you a more consistent cooking surface that evenly distributes and holds the heat—goodbye hot and cold spots. Plus, we’re suckers for gorgeous grill lines. We also narrowed the gap between the grates so nothing falls through.

  • Built to last. Designed to move.

    Top-of-the-line materials and rock-solid construction ensure your Ferno Grill will withstand the elements and the test of time. We also built monster casters with all stainless hardware to make traversing uneven surfaces like grass or flagstone a breeze. Try doing that with plastic casters.

  • Ferno loves a party.

    Think six 3 lb. tri-tips, or two 18 lb. turkeys, or 24 chicken thighs cooking at once. That’s why we designed a large cooking footprint, a uniform (not tapered) hood height, an integrated warming zone, and two large, sturdy side tables with commercial grade, removable trays for taking food to the table.

  • Little details make a big difference.

    When we set out to create the best gas grill on earth we had a few annoyances to eliminate, too, like back-breaking gas tanks and glaring or non-existent lights. Ferno fixed them all, and then some. Our swing out tank holder makes swapping gas in and out super easy. Integrated lighting on the inside of the hood shines a bright, wide beam on the grill, not in your eyes. And we even tackled the grease tray, making it extra deep so you can empty it less often.

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