A Revolution in Gas Grilling The gas grill that sears, smokes, and roasts Watch the video

Precision Cooking with Triple Heat Control

Firewheel raises and lowers burner height to stop flare-ups
Cast-iron grates super heat to sear like a pan
Insulated hood holds heat and creates convection

The Ferno Grill is more than meets the eye. Ferno's patented Firewheel, heavy cast-iron grates, and double insulated hood combine to give you the benefits of a premium grill, slow roaster, and outdoor oven. Cook the perfect steak with both searing and roasting, or flawlesly slow-cook two racks of ribs.

The Revolutionary
Ferno Firewheel

Ferno's patented Firewheel is what sets it apart from every other grill on the planet. The ability to control both burner height and burner temperature gives you better heat control and makes it easy to cook like a pro.

Say goodbye to flare-ups and scorched food

Ferno makes it easy to grill perfectly and bring out your foods best flavor, every time.

Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Pre-heat the grill with your burners close to the cast-iron grates.

Step 2: With heat locked into the cast-iron, use the Firewheel to lower the burners away from the grates.

Step 3: Add your food and grill with confidence that you're safe from flare-ups.

Cook fast and slow

The combination of Ferno's Firewheel and ceramic wool insulated hood unlocks a wide range of temperatures, and makes it easy to cook with both direct and indirect heat.

“Not only does it cook your food perfectly, it will also cook a lot of it.”

“There has never been a grill
like the deluxe new Ferno”

“Mark Bittman loves his Ferno.”

Superior design,
masterful craftsmanship

The Ferno grill was designed by world-class engineers. Top-of-the-line materials and rock-solid construction ensure your Ferno Grill will withstand the elements and the test of time.

Grill with confidence,
shop with confidence

With free shipping, free white-glove delivery & installation, free returns and a 20-year limited warranty, trying out a Ferno Grill is risk-free. We're confident you'll love it.

Have any questions? Call 888-800-1688 to talk to a Ferno Expert.

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